The Secret to Beating The Carbon Tax

The controversial Carbon Tax implemented this year by the Alberta government has created quite a stir.  Initially, there was little information on the tax rates, what would be taxed, what would be exempted. Many businesses have had a tough time budgeting for the unknown increases to their annual operating costs and the impact long-term economics of major capital projects. However, one must remember the word “crisis” in Traditional Chinese is comprised of two characters, one representing “danger” and the other “opportunity”.  Herein lies the reality placed before us by the Provincial government, and likely soon by the Federal government of Canada.  

The Gasonic Group uniquely positioned itself in the 1980’s to offer solutions to its customers that have already reduced the impact of the Carbon Tax on their businesses. The complete list of exemptions, rebates and reductions is rather complicated.  Let us work with your company to navigate the new low-carbon landscape in order to reduce the amount of Carbon Tax your company pays, and better yet, identify which improvements your company could implement that are eligible for government rebates.

The Benefits of Equipment Upgrades:

State-of-the-art sounds expensive, but it could actually save you money – and save lives! Here are some of the reasons why you should consider upgrading your equipment:

  • More sensitive monitors activate and deactivate the ventilation fans more efficiently.
  • Audible alarms, rather than blinking lights, draw immediate attention to a problem.
  • Modern equipment does not need to be recalibrated as often as older models, saving even more money.

Energy Audits

When we come to your building for a consultation or any kind of maintenance services, we will also evaluate your parkade’s energy efficiency and make recommendations for other areas where you can save energy and money.


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