The ScotiaBank Saddledome, Home Of The Calgary Flames

When the Saddledome was originally built in 1983, the designers and engineers did not have the foresight that there would eventually be gas-fired trucks and forklifts operating within the building. Also at that time, there were no health and safety codes requiring buildings to install air quality monitors.

But over the years, the reality was that for the Saddledome staff to deliver food, install displays, and entertain patrons, they were going to need forklifts, and small transportation vehicles operating within the building. Oh, and of course let’s not forget about the Monster Truck shows!

A few years ago, there was a routine visit by Occupational Health and Safety to check the building.

OH&S asked the Saddledome operations management a very important question: “What are you doing to make sure your staff are not exposed to exhaust gas from the forklift truck or other vehicles you bring in?”

Their response was typical of any older building: “Since it wasn’t part of the original building code, we didn’t get any monitors installed.” To which the OH&S officer replied: “By regulation, you need to know what gas levels your staff are exposed to. If we’re not satisfied with your compliance, we have the right to shut-down the building.”

This was the turning point for The Calgary Flames and The Saddledome to take action and come up to today’s air quality standards!

The even better news, was that the Saddledome wanted to take it another step further. They saw this as an opportunity to not only “catch up” to current health and safety standards, but go beyond them.

The Calgary Flames hired Gasonic to firstly install temporary monitors around the Saddledome. We monitored the air for one week, got data for the level of exhaust gas inside the building. It was below all the legal limits, which was good news!

But for the Flames, this still wasn’t good enough. Even though there was already good ventilation in the open area of the Saddledome, they were committed to ensure the best quality of indoor air for their staff and patrons. So, they hired Gasonic for a second project where we installed permanent monitors around the building.

Now the indoor air of The Saddledome is monitored 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Now they are guaranteed that the air is clean, and they are also protected by an alarm system.

We were very impressed at the leadership and proactive approach that the Calgary Flames and the Saddledome operations staff took, after realizing the potential problem they had. They were very positive people to work with and wanted to do whatever they could to ensure a completely safe building. They were also impressed with the equipment we used.

Now, anyone inside the Saddledome can rest assured that the air is safe and healthy at all time. They can breathe easy!