The Future Mobility

Gasonic Speeds into the Future with a Tesla!

We have always prided ourselves on “walking our talk”.  That’s why it was “absolutely essential” that Kae start driving a Tesla!

Our service vehicles evolved from the original hybrid Toyota Prius, to the plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius, and now we have added a Tesla to our fleet. Zero emissions in your parkade and ultra-low emission for our atmosphere. The vehicle will be largely powered by wind and solar energy for even less environmental impact.

Gasonic is a member of the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta and have volunteered at many education events like the car show on Stephen Avenue, featuring our vehicles in the photo above.

The implications of electric vehicles, especially self-driving electric vehicles are incomprehensible.  What would you do with an extra one or two hours a day of productive time, while your car drives you around a virtually accident-free city?  

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